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Growing up in Wisconsin, barbecue was either sloppy joes or burger/brats/dogs on the grill. That was until June 2003 when I was on a business trip in North Carolina and stopped at Ron’s Barn for lunch in Sanford. Ordering “three meats + two vegetables” was a unique experience, only topped by the funny looking barbecue sauce (North Carolina finishing sauce) that I poured over my piles of delicious pulled pork. When I returned to my hotel that night, I called my wife and told her to order a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) from Amazon so I could make real barbecue. The rest is history: Our team “Okee Bay BBQ” competed in KCBS sanctioned events in WI; I volunteered with a local chamber of commerce to sponsor two Blues & BBQ competitions (both KCBS sanctioned); and started a local home brew and rib competition with another chamber of commerce, celebrating its’ eleventh anniversary in 2018. Along the way we informally catered birthdays, graduations, weddings, and holiday get-togethers.

As my barbecue obsession grew, I acquired three WSMs, a Caldera Tall Boy, a Black Dog offset and various charcoal grills. Of course you need a place to store all the equipment, a 12′ X 14’ shed, as well as two utility trailers to haul equipment to competitions. We never won any trophies, but I can guarantee you that we made Championship barbecue for our family and friends!

As my experience grew, and I learned more about the fine-art of craft made barbecue, I continued to see the WSM as a critical component of competition and home barbecue. You can spend a lot less on cheap smokers, and way, way more on fancy smokers, but if you need a well built, dependable, and predictable smoker… you can’t beat the Smokey Mountain.

My interest in hacking the WSM and kettle grills, combined with my 25+ years of experience in direct marketing, made for a passion in developing products to improve the smoking/grilling experience for amateurs and professionals alike.

That’s how IndigoSandbox was born. The Bullet Truck is the first of many products that will be introduced in 2018 and 2019. Provide your email address, and we’ll keep you up to date on new product releases.